Online Commerce Classes for Class 12th TN Board

An excellent faculty and a concise and comprehensive course elevate your efforts manifold. TG Campus®’ TN Board’s 12th Commerce online classes are designed for each student’s success.

  • 200 + Hours of Live Classes
  • Revision Sessions
  • 6 Sample Mock Papers
  • Mid-term Assessments
  • HW Assignments
  • Chapter Assessment
  • Chapter Test
  • Doubt Removal Sessions
  • Course Material (Study Notes/Mind Maps)
  • Pre-exam Webinar for the exam guidance

1 Year

Batch Size:

Class 12 is a crucial academic year for the future course of study. Focusing on this importance, and to meet the requirements of Commerce students, TG Campus® has designed a Class 12 course that supports their preparation as well as guides them throughout. With a focus on results, the programme is completely online, which gives students the freedom and space to learn at their own pace. Packed with numerous features, the course ensures that students navigate through their Class 12 with ease and without stress.

Besides, we have an expert faculty that mentor’s students and are available to resolve their doubts, along with regular mock tests and assessments, which gives them the opportunity to evaluate their preparation. This way, they can work on their weak areas and even craft an exam strategy. In short, our TN Board 12th class online classes have many benefits that go a long way in enhancing and bolstering a student’s preparation journey.


Accountancy is the practice of recording, allocating and outlining trade transactions for a business. The TG Campus® Commerce course helps students understand how to assess the financial outcomes and ranking of an establishment, thereby helping the management in making informed decisions. It includes accounting for partnership companies and firms, the analysis of financial statements, and computerised accounting.


An integral part of every country’s development as well as our lives, Commerce includes trade, business, accounting, and all the aspects related to finance. It is related to the exchange of goods and services and serves as a connector between goods and services. All commercial activities come under the ambit of Commerce. The TN Board 12th Class online classes by TG Campus® cover all these aspects in detail and in a simple manner for students.


Economics can be explained in different ways. The TG Course helps in making the student understand the study of shortage, the study of how people make the utilization of resources and counter to the incentives. The Course helps to make the students understand how an individual, companies, and government decides on declared resources to satisfy each desire and requirements. It also helps determine how an individual or an organization should organize and coordinate with each other to determine the expected outcome.

Our tutors use various Learning Tools to help students with the Objectives of the Courses, which are not restricted to:

TG Study Notes

  • Experts at TG Campus® create the study material, which is in line with the learning pedagogy of the students.
  • It is prepared in line with the TN Board syllabus.

Live Classes

  • More than 200 hours of live lectures.
  • All the Live classes are Live with both Teachers and Students interacting with each other in a Virtual Environment.
  • Every class gets recorded, thereby helping students in revising the topics whenever they wish to. They can do this in their time, at any point during their enrolment with TG Campus®.
  • The TG Teachers showcase the application of various case studies in the Live Classes. This makes the students appreciate the application of concepts learnt by them in the course.

Real-Life Case Studies of different scenarios

The following is an example of demand and supply, which is an integral part of economics. Similarly, we use real-life scenarios to explain every concept in the subject.

  • Demand and supply – When the production of wheat increases, the farmer drops the price of the crop to sell it off. However, if the supply is very high, the demand drops, which is the quantity of wheat needed to feed the population. In this scenario, the surplus production of wheat goes to waste, and the farmer loses his cost of production.

Discussion Forum

  • The Discussion Forum is a platform for students to discuss difficulties and doubts. Students can post their doubts, which can be answered by their peers of the same batch or by the teacher.

One on One/Batch Doubt Removal Sessions

  • Doubt Removal Sessions are held for conceptual clarity.
  • These are done for all the chapters, and hence, it ensures a regular and complete preparation of the topics in every way.

Tests and Assessments

  • This includes HW assignments, Class Assessments, Chapter tests, and Periodic tests.

Mentoring of students by Counsellors

Our counsellors guide students on their future course of study based on their abilities, skillsets, capabilities and interest.

Parent–Teacher Meetings

Held to keep the parents abreast with the progress of their child.


LessonsTestsLive Sessions
Accounts from Incomplete Records43
Accounts of Not for Profit Organisation43
Accounts of Partnership Firm- Fundamentals43
Goodwill in Partnership Accounts42
Admission of Partner43
Retirement and Death of Partner45
Company Accounts45
Financial Statement Analysis44
Ratio Analysis46
Computerised Accounting System - Tally42


LessonsTestsLive Sessions
Introduction to Macro Economics42
National Income43
Theories of Employment and Income43
Consumption and Investment Functions43
Monetary Economics43
International Economics44
International Economic Organisations43
Fiscal Economics45
Environmental Economics44
Economics of Development and Planning43
Introduction to Statistical Methods and Econometrics44


LessonsTestsLive Sessions
Principles of Management42
Functions of Management41
Management by Objectives / Management by Exceptions43
Introduction to Financial Markets42
Capital Market42
Money Market43
Stock Exchange43
Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)42
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management42
Recruitment Methods41
Employee Selection Process43
Employee Training Method43
Concept of Market and Marketer42
Marketing and Marketing Mix42
Recent Trends in Marketing43
Rights, Duties and Responsibilities of Consumers41
Grievance Redressal Mechanism41
Environmental Factors42
Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation43
The Sale of Goods Act 193042
The Negotiable Instrument Act 188142
Elements of Entrepreneurship43
Types of Entrepreneurs42
Government Schemes for Entrepreneurial Development42
Companies Act 2013
Company Management43
Company Secretary43
  1. What is the duration of the course?
  2. 1 Year

  3. Will it also cover the school syllabus for Class 12?
  4. It covers the entire syllabus of the (Tamil Nadu) TN Board.

  5. How do I access the recordings?
  6. There is a feature on the student dashboard, wherein they can access recordings for easy revision and reference.

  7. How do I revise through these live sessions?
  8. Students can revise through recordings/study notes provided by TG Campus®.

  9. Will the tutors be available to guide us too?
  10. Yes, they will be available.

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