Pre-Foundation 6th - Syllabus

The experts at TG Campus® have compiled the foundation syllabus for class 6 that consists of all the important topics in each subject. Take a look at what all things are important for your preparation of IIT JEE or NEET.

The Pre - Foundation caters to Grades 5 to 7, the Foundation caters to Grades 8 to 10 while the JEE/NEET is for the Senior Section catering to Grades 11 and 12.

The Pre - Foundation courses have been structured keeping in view the expected learning curve of students and to include the skills needed to enhance the learning capacities of students by using tools like Abacus, Vedic Maths, Artificial Intelligence and so on.

Taking it further, the courses for Foundation encapsulate the learning process beyond the school levels and includes preparation for competitive Examinations like Homi Bhabha, NTSE, Olympiad, and also developing a sound foundation for excellence in School Examination along with easing into higher grade topics. The Foundation courses in a way are an intensive program to cover the entire syllabus for School, Olympiads and Foundation for both JEE and NEET in a very effective manner. It is designed especially for JEE and NEET aspirants that would give them an edge over the other students appearing for these examinations. The students after undergoing these courses are better placed to solve different problems of all difficulty levels.

Keeping in line with this, the syllabus for Pre – Foundation 6th has been bifurcated into four sections namely: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Physics, Chemistry and Biology are part of Science and the total weightage of Science portion of the syllabus is same as that of Mathematics portion of the Foundation 6th Syllabus

Motion and Measurement of Distances
Light, Shadows and Reflections
Electricity and Circuits
Fun with Magnets
Sorting Materials into Groups
Separation of Substances
Changes Around Us
Air Around Us
Food and Nutrition
Fibre To Fabric
All about Plants
Body Movements
The Living Organisms
Waste Disposal
Introduction to Numbers
Whole Numbers
Operations on Numbers
Basic Geometrical Ideas
Understanding Elementary Shapes
Data Handling
Algebraic Expressions
Ratio and Proportion
Practical Geometry

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