Section wise SAT 2023 Syllabus

The SAT is students’ entry to admission into undergraduate courses in international institutes and universities. Being aware of the syllabus helps them craft their study plan and schedule. After years of observing and understanding the SAT tests, TG Campus® has compiled the SAT syllabus for 2023.

SAT exam syllabus 2023

The SAT exam pattern has been described in detail on TG Campus®. Now that the SAT 2023 pattern is known, let’s look at another important aspect - SAT 2023 syllabus.

The duration of the exam has been shortened to 3 hours this year, and it has turned into a digital format for international students.

Students are assessed on Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) in one section, while the other is the Maths section.

SAT exam syllabus for Indian students – EBRW

In this assessment, students are required to use vocabulary, reasoning, comprehension, and analytical skills that have high utilisation.

Reading and Writing SectionTesting AreasWeightage and Distribution
Craft and StructureWords in Context
Text Structure and Purpose
Cross-test Connections
Weightage: 28%
Questions: 13-15
Information and IdeasCentral Ideas and Details
Command of Evidence based on Textual and Quantitative Inferences
Weightage: 26%
Questions: 12-14
Standard English ConventionsBoundaries
Form, Structure and Sense
Weightage: 26%
Questions: 11-15
Expression of IdeasRhetorical Synthesis TransitionsWeightage: 20%
Questions: 8-12

SAT Maths syllabus

Maths is an integral part of this entrance exam, and the SAT exam Maths syllabus tests students on advanced Mathematics, Algebra, Problem-Solving, Data Analysis, Trigonometry and Geometry.

Maths SectionTesting AreasWeightage and Distribution
AlgebraLinear equations in one and two variables
Linear inequalities in one or two variables
Systems of two linear equations in two variables
Linear functions
Weightage: 35%
Questions: 13-15
Advanced MathsSystems of equations in two variables and nonlinear equations in one variable
Nonlinear functions
Equivalent Expressions
Weightage: 35%
Questions: 13-15
Problem Solving and Data AnalysisOne-variable and Two-variable data
Rates, proportional relationships, units and ratios
Evaluating statistical claims
Inference from a margin of error and sample statistics
Weightage: 15%
Questions: 5-7
Geometry and TrigonometryRight triangles and trigonometry
Area and Volume
Triangles, angles and lines
Weightage: 15%
Questions: 5-7

The above is the SAT entrance exam syllabus and distribution of topics within the sections for 2023 that students will have to follow to get admission to an international institute. Garnering a good score in this entrance exam will pave the way for entry into an institute of your choice.

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