Units And Measurements - CBSE Class 11 Physics, Chapter 1

TG Campus’s® makes understanding CBSE Class 11 Chapter 1 - Units and Measurements easy and interesting. Designed on NCERT’s Class 11 Physics Chapter 1, it covers every feature comprehensively.

CBSE 11th: Units and Measurements (Entire chapter)

  • Core concepts - 4
  • Study notes prepared by experts
  • Online chapter assessment for practice
  • 25 questions and more for self-practice
  • Mind maps for quick and in-depth revision
  • Subjective questions as per CBSE paper pattern
  • More expertise on assertion and reasoning based questions
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CBSE 11th:  Units and Measurements

TG Campus’s®s in-depth course on CBSE Class 11, Chapter 1 Units and Measurements, is easy to understand and learn while making the learner exam-ready in every way.

The chapter covers core concepts in detail and with extreme clarity. The complex concepts and the elements and laws associated with them are broken down to make them simple in an easy-to-understand way.

Topics covered are

  • Physical quantities
  • Rules for arithmetic operations
  • Errors in Measurements
  • Dimensional Analysis & Applications

Our Study Notes provide key ideas and points with proper explanations that can be referred to while preparing this chapter.

Mind Map is a brief walkthrough of the Units and Measurements chapter.

There is an online Chapter Assessment, which includes multiple tests in MCQ format.

The tests and assessments help to assess the learnings achieved by the students. After completion of the tests, the result will be displayed with the correct answer explanation.

Homework includes subjective questions with short and long answers to enhance the learner’s critical thinking ability.

Topics CoveredChapter Assessments (MCQ)
Physical quantities6
Rules for arithmetic operations
Errors in Measurements
Dimensional Analysis & Applications
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