Build Your Online Institute With Our Platform

Institutions can create their online presence and use TG Campus® to their benefit. Our platform offers institutions a Learning Management System (LMS), with an easy interface for administration, course creation, tracking, scheduling, reporting and other features for educational courses or training programs. Our online live sessions are lag-free and seamless. You can schedule the lectures or sessions according to tutors and student’s convenience.


Cloud platform that increases your efficiency with minimal upfront costs. Gain access to industry leading cloud computing service, storage and networking capabilities without any exorbitant costs.

Easy to create courses
Easy to use

Schedule sessions, provide course content to students, administer tests & assignments, track student progress, and manage alerts/intimations to parents.

Online virtual classrooms
Seamless Expansion

Institutions can expand their student base with the help of our online classrooms and cater to a larger number of students, without having to absorb huge physical expansion costs.

Institutes Parents communication
Parent inclusion

We ensure that parents receive regular updates, so they can monitor their child’s progress at any time.


Tomorrow's Genius whiteboard is designed to meet all your tutoring needs with a state-of-the-art cloud-based platform that takes care of your classroom sessions (online) as well as sharing of content.

Genius Board

Why collaborate with TG Campus®?

TG Campus® provides personalized and innovative online teaching platform for institutes and tutors. You can create and customize your own website, courses, manage teachers and students.

Virtual Online Classrooms

Virtual Online Classrooms

Virtual online classrooms help students connect with tutors anytime, anywhere. A virtual online classroom is a teaching and learning environment where students can interact, communicate, view and discuss notes, presentations, and engage with learning resources while working individually or in groups. Having the latest technology of virtual online classrooms will give the institute a cutting edge over its competitors.

Personalized Teaching Tools

Personalized Teaching Tools

Personalized Teaching Tools help the institutes customize their courses and online classrooms. TG Campus® helps institutes to create tailor made content and courses for their students.



TG Campus® also provides a customizable microsite for branding. Every microsite has details of the courses which the institution provides. Login for the students and tutors requires minimal management by the institution.

Reduce Physical Maintenance Cost

Reduce Physical Maintenance Cost

Virtual online classrooms are very cost effective as compared to the maintenance cost of managing and maintaining a physical institute with traditional classrooms. It also reduces the costs of hiring and retaining excessive manpower for the maintenance of a traditional classroom setup.

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Online Institutes encourage students to become active learners as they develop knowledge to transform the ways they think about their academic and professional careers.

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