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TG Campus™ platform empowers tutors with a hassle-free online tutoring platform. Tutors can create as well as sell online courses and impart education anytime anywhere! It’s a platform for all the tutors out there who love teaching and to spread knowledge without the confines of a closed classroom. So, start tutoring your own students now, without any need for a physical classroom setup.

Enroll with US as a TG Teacher

At TG Campus™ we empower the tutors to teach our students hassle-free on our online tutoring platform. The Tutors can impart education anytime anywhere! Tutors can work from the comforts of their home. Enrich the lives of students by guiding them using our platforms various tools.

Be an online tutor
Save travelling time
Saves Time & Commute

Be an online tutor and reduce costs on commute and or maintaining a facility. Tutors can now teach from their own homes and to multiple locations effortlessly.

Create courses online
Create your own online Course

Teach what you’re best at! Any subject as per your choice, anytime anywhere. Customize and create courses of your own. Also customize your own online class website.

Reuse the course content
Reduced Effort

Tutors need to create courses one time only. You can then reuse the same course content for multiple batches. Tutors can even buy readymade content from TG platform reducing their efforts.

Sell your courses online
Improved Earnings

TG CAMPUS™ offers significant cost savings to any tutoring enterprise along with a host of benefits. Tutors also stand to earn more now, as you have the option of selling your courses online!

TG Campus™ gives the tutors the perfect medium to finally teach the subjects that they have always wanted to teach; make their own curriculums without anyone mandating on what they can do or cannot. Tutors now have the freedom to stray from the traditional teaching methods and can teach their students in new interesting and innovative ways.

Why start with us?

TG Campus™ provides a top class online platform for teachers where then can create, publish & sell courses with their own website. Be an online tutor with our learning platform and benefit with your online teaching.

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