Frequently Asked Questions

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Is TG Campus™ available 24*7? How frequently can I log in?
The TG Campus™ is available throughout the day for a student to login and view content, complete assignments, tests, and attend sessions. Students may login as many times as they want. Live classes will be available when they are scheduled for the student by the institution for the courses that they enrol in. SMS and email alerts about scheduled sessions are sent through an automated system as soon as they are scheduled.
Is it available to all TG students globally?
Yes, TG Campus™ is hosted on a cloud platform and can be accessed anywhere around the globe.
I am an independent tutor. Can I conduct my classes on TG Campus™

Yes. TG Campus™ is designed for small and medium enterprises. It offers complete flexibility and freedom from the traditional brick and mortar classrooms. It saves commuting time and increases your reach tremendously. You can share your expertise with students anywhere across the world and receive payments for your coaching services. In addition, you can create assessments that will be evaluated digitally.

TG Campus™ saves many hours of evaluation time that you can now redirect towards coaching more students. With our secure payment gateway, you need not worry about receiving your payments. Our microsite offers the flexibility of creating your own website within the TG platform, which can be used to showcase the subjects you teach.

What are the charges to using TG Campus™?

If you are a tutor or an institution providing tutoring services, you can sign up for an institution account. There are various packages that you can choose from to suit your requirement.

If you are a student, you only pay the fee to the institution you choose. The TG Campus™ platform is free of charge for students.

Can I select the subject in which I need tutoring in?

Yes, the student can search for courses in the TG Campus™ domain and view the microsite and the detailed course information of the institutions providing the course of interest and then choose to enroll with any of them.

How many students can take part in one Session?

The institution within the TG Campus environment has pre-decided settings for the maximum number of students allowed per session. However, an ideal student batch size for online instruction or teaching would be between 8 and 12. For webinars sessions, larger groups may be accommodated.

Which browser will ensure the best experience while using TG Campus™?

TG Campus™ is designed to work on most browsers without any significant issues. However, we strongly recommend using Mozilla Firefox (version 54.0.2 Or above) for best user experience.

Is there any option to record a session, if I am unable to attend the session due to genuine reasons?

Yes, but it is subject to policies and guidelines laid down by the institution holding the session.

Can a student exit the session while it is still in progress and then later take part in same session?

Yes, but this feature works only when the session is still in progress.

Am I allowed to join a session after it has started?

Yes, you can join in, provided the session is still in progress.

Can I (tutor) login to the live classroom earlier than the scheduled time to prepare for the session?

Yes, TG expressly gives the advantage of having the classroom available 15 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled session.

How do I alert my tutor if I want to communicate with him/her in the middle of a session?

Every session has a chat window at the bottom right side of the whiteboard. The chat window has a ‘raise hand’ button. When clicked, it indicates to the tutor that a particular student wishes to communicate.

Will my tutor come to know when I join or if I leave the session?

Yes, all actions by the student are logged and reported to the tutor. In addition, TG also sends a text message to the tutor or institution. But this feature needs to be availed on the platform.

Can I start an assessment and save it halfway through and return to complete it later?

Yes and no. If it is an assignment, you can do the above-mentioned activity in the tool i.e. save and attempt to complete it later.
But if it is a test, then it is time bound, you must complete it once you have started it. Any unfinished test portions will be submitted as-is. If you decide to exit the test, the scores will be decided on the attempted questions.

When can I see the results of assessments?

The results of assessments will be shared on the date decided by the tutor or institution.

Can I request an extension on the submission date?

If you require an extension to submit your assessments, you need to contact your tutor/administrator and mutually agree to extend the submission date as it is solely their decision.