Download CBSE Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions pdf

CBSE Class 12 is a turning point in every student’s life and the deciding factor for future courses of study. That’s why TG Campus® offers CBSE Class 12 previous year’s question papers with solutions (pdf). These help students beat the competition and crack the exam easily.

CBSE Class 12 is a very important year for all students. Getting stressed about the Boards is natural, and securing a high rank is imperative to pursue a study programme of choice. That is when past year’s question papers make a difference. While there is no substitute for hard work, solving these papers makes students exam-ready.

Download the Previous Year’s CBSE Class 12 Question Papers by Clicking on the links below:


CBSE 12th Chemistry

  • Questions

  • Solutions


CBSE 12th Physics

  • Questions

  • Solutions


CBSE 12th Mathematics

  • Questions

  • Solutions


CBSE 12th Biology

  • Questions

  • Solutions

Benefits of Solving Previous Year’s Question Papers

An important and crucial academic year means extra effort and sharper focus. While hard work cannot be undermined, the power of past year’s question papers must be acknowledged as well. Hence, TG Campus® offers CBSE Class 12 previous year’s question papers with solutions in pdf format. Solving these papers come with several benefits.

Firstly, students get well-acquainted with the paper pattern and structure and learn about the marking scheme in detail. Plus, they learn about the type of questions that are asked. They become aware of the exam trend and hence change their exam strategy based on the previous year’s papers.

Students can test their preparation level by solving these papers. When they solve the previous year’s Maths question paper for Class 12, they learn about the difficult problems and get enough practise in solving these. This also applies to other subjects.

Solving past year’s papers also help students in increasing their speed and accuracy in answering questions. Hence, their time management improves greatly, and they complete their paper within the given time. This activity also acquaints students with important topics and chapters, and the ones that carry more weightage, so they can focus more on these.

Since solving these papers gives students a lot of practise, they automatically revise the entire syllabus, and hence, they feel more confident about taking the exam.

TG Campus® offers previous year’s papers for Maths, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics, for Class 12 for the CBSE Board.

Grab them now and have an edge over others!

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