Download CBSE class 10 Previous Year Question Papers and Solutions for Free

Class 10 is a crucial year for all, and students start their preparation very early. However, past year's question papers boost this prep tremendously. TG Campus® offers CBSE Class 10 question papers that help students bolster their exam preparation.

Preparing for Class 10 can be daunting and even overwhelming. Many students experience anxiety and even go through extreme stress. However, while solid preparation goes a long way, it's the past year's papers that actually help strengthen this prep.

TG Campus® offers CBSE previous year's question papers for Class 10. Access them now and ace the exam!

Download Previous Years' CBSE Class 10 Question Papers by Clicking on the links below:


CBSE 10th Mathematics Basic

CBSE 10th Mathematics Standard


CBSE 10th Science

Benefits of Solving CBSE class 10 Previous Year's Question Papers

These question papers play a very important and crucial role in prepping for the CBSE Class 10 exam. When it comes to Maths, solving previous year's question papers for class 10 Maths, makes students aware of the type of questions that can be asked in the exam.

Students also learn about the paper pattern, the marking scheme, the importance of some topics/chapters, and the difficulty level of the exam itself. Besides this, and most importantly, Class 10 Maths, previous year's question papers will give them a lot of practise. This helps them revise what they have learnt, several times.

Finally, solving these papers gives students the opportunity to self-assess their level of preparation.

All the above also applies to Science, and solving CBSE previous year's question papers for Class 10 Science, enhances their overall preparation of the subject.

Moreover, these papers greatly increase students' chances of scoring high marks in the exam, and they boost their overall confidence of appearing for the exam itself.

Therefore, solving the previous year's sample papers aid in the overall preparation of Class 10 students.