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Class 12 is a crucial year as the scores in the Board exams decide the study programme a student can pursue. Solving CBSE Class 12 Commerce sample papers gives students an edge over others and greatly increases their chances of garnering high scores.

Each year, lakhs of Commerce students take CBSE Class 12 Board exam, which determines their future academic career. Hence, students put in hours of study throughout the year to prepare for this important exam. However, what augments the preparation are the CBSE sample papers for Class 12 Commerce.

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CBSE 12th Economics Sample Paper 1

Business Studies

CBSE 12th Business Studies Sample Paper 1


CBSE 12th Financial Statement Sample Paper 1


CBSE 12th Computerised Accounting Sample Paper 1


CBSE 12th Mathematics Sample Paper 1

The benefits of these papers are several. As they are set on the actual CBSE Class 12 Commerce Board papers, students get familiar with the paper pattern, the distribution of marks, the type of questions asked and trick questions, the topics/chapters that carry more weightage and hence should be the focus, and much more.

Students can also get a good hold of the concepts and formulas and enhance their problem-solving ability. Besides, solving sample papers develop students’ answering ability as they improve the speed and accuracy of writing answers. Thus, it aids students in time management, wherein they learn to complete the paper in the given time.

Sample papers are also the perfect way to self-assess the preparation level and knowledge of the syllabus.

Prepared by subject matter experts who are experienced as well, TG Campus offers these in Business Studies, Accounts and Economics.

Whether it is Business Studies Class 12 sample papers, Accounts sample papers of Class 12, or Economics sample papers of Class 12, TG offers them all prepared by experienced tutors who are experts in their own field.

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