Commerce Preparation 1 Year Online Course for 11th Class

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1 Year

Batch Size:

Batch Start Date:
3rd July, 2023

Commerce can be said to define the field of study where the students get to learn and understand topics related to business, financial information along with financial transactions and they do get to understand how trading of economic values takes place along with merchandising and trading. The Commerce as a stream helps the students in preparing themselves as economic agents for trading in real life scenarios. Further Commerce plays a vital role in helping the people by understanding the needs of people and their wellbeing by providing goods and services and in a way which is beneficial for them.

The TG Commerce course for 11th consists of mainly the following aspects:

  1. Accountancy
  2. Economics and Business Studies
  3. Mathematics
  4. Statistics


Accountancy is the practice of recording, allocating and outlining on trade transactions for a business. The TG Commerce course helps the students in understanding how to assess management concerning the financial outcomes and ranking of an establishment.

Economics and Business Studies

Economics can be explained in different ways. The TG Course helps in making the student understand the study of shortage, the study of how people make the utilization of resources and counter to the incentives.

Business studies a vast subject in the social sciences, that allows an in-depth study of a degree of specialties, such as finance, accountancy, marketing, and organization. The TG Commerce Business Studies section helps in comprehending the real life scenarios related to finance, accountancy and other related fields.


Mathematics is an important part of commerce and all the methods of economics depend on the numbers. Therefore, the TG Commerce Maths Section helps the student with the basic knowledge of math principles and with the help of the same the student will be able to analyse how an organization will be able to understand where they position themselves financially in the present and in the future.


Many ideas economic theory, like functional relationship amongst variables, are asserted in terms of symbols, algebra, calculus, etc. To understand and examine several economic and social phenomena events, economic theories, the TG Commerce course helps the student to understand and analyze the situations according to the appropriate numbers.


ChaptersLive Session(s)Test(s)
Introduction to Accounting24
Theory Base of Accounting714
Recording of Transactions1326
Bank Reconciliation Statement48
Trial balance and Rectification of Errors48
Depreciation, Provisons and Reserves714
Bill of Exchange612
Financial Statements I918
Financial Statements II48
Accounts from Incomplete Records612
Total93 Hours124


ChaptersLive Session(s)Test(s)
Introduction to Microeconomics34
Theory of Consumer Behaviour84
Production and Cost44
The Theory of the Firm under Perfect Competition64
Market Equilibrium34
Non-Competitive Markets54
Introduction to Statistics24
Collection of Data34
Organisation of Data44
Presentation of Data64
Measures of Central Tendency74
Index Numbers34
Use of Statistical Tools24
Total90 Hours56

Business Studies

ChaptersLive Session(s)Test(s)
Business, Trade and Commerce44
Forms of Business Organisation64
Private, Public and Global Enterprise34
Business Services64
Emerging Modes of Business54
Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics64
Formation of a Company44
Sources of Business Finance54
MSME and Business Entrepreneurship44
Internal Trade64
International Business74
Total85 Hours44
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