Commerce 1 Year Online Course Program for 12th Class

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  • 300+ Hours of Live Classes
  • Doubt Removal Session
  • Revision sessions
  • Chapter Tests
  • 6 CBSE Sample Mock Papers
  • Coure Materials (MindMaps /StudyNotes/Key Elements)
  • Mid Term Assessments
  • Unlimited Hours of Self Practise Test
  • Pre exam Webinar for the exam guidance
  • Quarterly PTM's
  • Recordings of all Live Classes for easy Revision

1 Year

Batch Size:

Batch Start Date:
4th April, 2023

Batch End Date:
30th January, 2024

Commerce 12th Teaching and Learning Courses

Commerce as a course of education can be interpreted as a study of business and trade pursuits such as the exchange of goods and services from the producer to the final customer. The TG Commerce 12th Live Course includes the important subjects that are educated in the Commerce subject in class 12th i.e. Accountancy, Economics, and Business Studies.


Accountancy is the practice of recording, allocating and outlining on trade transactions for a business. The TG Commerce course helps the students in understanding how to assess the financial outcomes and ranking of an establishment and thereby helping the management in taking informed decisions. Similarly, the TG Course deals with understanding and classifying the few accountancy tasks which involve recording classification and reporting of a transaction. When any information is prepared as a report for any individuals or companies use outside the organization, the process is known as ‘financial accounting’.

Organization of Commerce and Management/Business Studies

Business studies a vast subject in the social sciences, that allows an in-depth study of streams such as finance, accountancy, marketing, and organization growth and development. TG Commerce course helps the student to gain a substantial foundation and understanding of how a business should be operated, and improve one’s communication, operation, strategy, and commercial activity skill.


Economics can be explained in different ways. The TG Course helps in making the student understand the study of shortage, the study of how people make the utilization of resources and counter to the incentives. The Course helps to make the students understand how an individual, companies, and government decides on declared resources to satisfy each desire and requirements. It also helps determine how an individual or an organization should organize and coordinate with each other to determine the expected outcome.

To help the students with the Objectives of the Courses, the teachers make use of various Learning Tools, but are not limited to:

  1. Real-Life Case Studies of different scenarios
  2. TG Study Materials (Reference Books)
    • The Study Materials have been created by experts of TG keeping in line the learning pedagogy of the students
    • The Study Materials cover School Syllabus, the Competitive Examinations and lays a very strong foundation for future competitive examinations.
  3. Live Classes
    • More than 300 hours of live lectures.
    • All the Live classes are Live with both Teachers and Students interacting with each other in a Virtual Environment.
    • Every class gets recorded thereby helps the student in revising the topics whenever they wish to do so at any point during their enrolment with TG Campus.
    • The TG Teachers also use their Live Classes to showcase the application of various case studies thereby making the students appreciate the application of concepts learnt by them in the course.
  4. One on One/Batch Doubt Removal Sessions –
    • More than 50 hours of Doubt Removal Sessions
    • These are done for all chapters and this ensures a regular and complete preparation of the topics in every respect.
  5. Discussion Forum
    • The Discussion Forum is a Closed Forum for discussion of doubts by the students. They can post their doubts which can be answered by other students of the same batch or by the teacher, this helps the student in clarifying the doubts even after sessions.
  6. Tests and Assessments
    • More than 150 hours of Tests
  7. Regular Mentoring of students by Counsellors
  8. Parent–Teacher Meetings are held to keep the parent abreast with the progress of the students


Chapters Live Session(s) Test(s)
Accounting Process - Basic Accounting Procedures Journal entries 1 3
Ledgers 1 3
Trial Balance and Rectification of Errors 3 6
Capital & Revenue Expenditures & Receipts 1 3
Contingent Assets & Contingent Liabilities 1 3
Bank Reconciliation Statement 3 4
Inventories 4 3
Concept & Accounting of Depreciation 5 5
Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes 4 5
Sale of Goods on Approval or Return Basis 3 4
Consignment 4 5
Average Due Date 2 3
Account Current 1 3
Final Accounts of Non Manufacturing Entities 4 3
Final Accounts of Manufacturing Entities 2 3
Introduction to Partnership Accounts 7 4
Treatment of Goodwill in Partnership Accounts 4 5
Admission of a New Partner 4 6
Retirement of Partner 4 6
Death of a Partner 4 4
Financial Statements of Not For Profit Organisation 5 5
Introduction to Company Accounts 2 4
Issue , Forfeiture and Re - Issue of Shares 7 5
Issue of Debentures 6 5
Total 82 100


Chapters Live Session(s) Test(s)
Introduction to Macroeconomics 1 3
National Income Accounting 8 4
Money and Banking 4 4
Determination of Income and Employment 8 4
Government Budget and the Economy 4 4
Open Economy Macroeconomics 4 4
Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence 1 3
Indian Economy 1950-1990 1 3
Liberalisation, Privatization and Globalization: An appraisal 1 3
Poverty 1 3
Human Capital Formation in India 1 3
Rural Development 1 3
Employment: Growth Informalization and Other Issues 1 3
Infrastructure 1 3
Environment and Sustainable Development 1 3
Comparative Development Experiences of India and its Neighbours 1 3
Total 39 53

12th CBSE Business Studies

Chapters Live Session(s) Test(s)
Nature and significance of management 4 4
Principles of Management 4 4
Business Environment 3 4
Planning 5 4
Organising 4 4
Staffing 5 4
Directing 4 4
Controlling 6 4
Financial Management 4 4
Financial Markets 6 4
Marketing 12 4
Consumer protection 6 4
Total 63 48
  1. What is the Advantage of TG Campus® Online Course?
  2. You can take it from anywhere through Laptop/Desktop/Tab/Mobile.

  3. How can I revise the Live Sessions?
  4. All the online sessions/lectures are recorded. So, you can view any of the recorded sessions.

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