TG Campus®’ NEET Online Crash Course 2023

The NEET is a challenge and a tough one at that. Our NEET 2-month online crash course makes you exam-ready with tutoring by qualified and experienced instructors who are experts in their own right, a perfect course for revision that will help you top this qualifying exam.

  • 400+ Lecture Hours
  • Doubt Removal sessions for PCB
  • 4 Unit-wise tests in PCB
  • 2 Full length Mock Tests
  • Unlimited Hours of Self Practice Tests
  • Pre-exam Webinar for the exam guidance
  • Post-exam counselling & guidance
  • Recordings of all Live Sessions

Grade: 12th & 12th pass out

Subject Covered: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

Lecture Duration: 90 mins every day for each subject

2 Months

Batch Size:

Batch Start Date:

NEET 2023 Crash Course Overview

TG Campus® NEET Online Crash course is for class 12th and students who want a quick revision of important topics of the 11th and 12th syllabi. The crash course for NEET can also be useful for those students who have cleared their 12th in 2022 and wish to reattempt NEET 2023 to improve their score and rank.

With just a few months left, the NEET crash course can boost your preparation and encourage you to take advantage of the restrained time earlier than the examination day, as it would support you to study the application of concepts and problem-fixing. TG Campus®’ NEET online crash course is a short-time period intensive program to cover the entire syllabus in a very simple and effective way. It is designed mainly for NEET aspirants with the goal of giving them an edge over other students appearing for this exam. This online crash course for NEET 2023 will help you to solve exceptional problems of all levels and clear all your doubts while strengthening your understanding of concepts. This will ultimately support you in brushing up the entire subject matter. You will be capable of assessing your strong and weak areas through standard observation checks, which will enable you to focus and work on your weaker areas.

This course module will cover major topics of 11th and 12th in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, which will help you attain excellent marks in entrance examinations and university board assessments.

It is indeed the best crash course for NEET 2023!

Course Highlights

  • Small batch size
  • Students from across India in each batch
  • Multiple tutors for each subject
  • Revision till NEET 2023 exam
  • Full-length mock tests designed on the NEET pattern
  • Additional sessions for Physics and Chemistry for concept building
  • Important concepts of Classes 11 and 12 in Physics, Chemistry and Biology to be covered


Lessons Test(s) Live Session(s)
Kinematics 01 02
Laws of Motions 01 02
Work, Power and Energy 01 02
Centre of Mass 01 02
Rotation 01 02
Gravitation 01 02
Simple Harmonic Motion 01 02
Properties of Matter 01 02
Wave Motion 01 02
Heat and Thermodynamics 01 02
Optics - 02
Electrostatics - 02
Current Electricity 01 02
Magnetics 01 01
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current 01 02
Modern Physics 02 04


Lessons Test(s) Live Session(s)
Atomic Structure 01 02
Periodic Classification and Periodic Properties 01 02
Chemical Bonding - 02
States of Matter and Solid State 01 02
Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium 01 02
Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry 01 02
Solution and Colligative Properties 01 02
Electrochemistry and Chemical Kinetics 01 02
Nuclear Chemistry and Surface Chemistry - 02
Group I and Group II Elements - 02
Group 13 and Group 14 Elements 01 02
Groups 15, 16, 17 and 18 Elements 01 02
Transition and Inner-Transition Elements 01 02
Coordination Compounds 01 02
Extraction of Metals and Qualitative Analysis 01 02
Nomenclature, GOC, Hydrocarbons and Benzene - 03
Aliphatic and Aromatic Halides 01 02
Alcohols and Ethers - 02
Aldehydes, Ketones and Acids - 02
Aliphatic and Aromatic Compounds containing Nitrogen - 02


Lessons Test(s) Live Session(s)
Diversity in Living World 03 02
Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants 01 02
Cell Structure and Function 01 02
Plant Physiology 01 04
Human Physiology 01 03
Reproduction 01 03
Genetics and Evolution 01 02
Biology and Human Welfare and Bio Technology 01 03
Ecology and Environment 01 02
  1. What is NEET 2023 crash course?
  2. The NEET crash course is an important addition to your NEET 2023 preparation. It is for Classes 11 and 12 students aiming to take the NEET 2023. Class 12 students who have cleared the exam in 2022 and wish to take it in 2023 can also enroll for this NEET course. It covers all the important elements, strengthens your understanding of concepts and their application, and clears all your doubts. It also includes mock tests that are designed on the actual paper pattern, thus giving you a feel of the real exam. Expert and experienced tutors hold all classes.

  3. Is the crash course enough to crack NEET?
  4. It is very important to do our own rigorous study before enrolling for the crash course. This course is a cushioning and a booster to your basic preparation for NEET.

  5. Which is the best online crash course for NEET?
  6. TG Campus® offers an intensive 2-month long program that covers all important aspects of all the subjects in-depth, easily making it the best one for NEET.

  7. How can one join the crash course for NEET 2023?
  8. Just click on Buy Now button, register, and make payments.

  9. How will NEET crash course help to secure a high rank in NEET 2023?
  10. A crash course is a great way to revise what you have learnt so far and to analyse your preparation level as well. It is the perfect way to assess and strengthen your weak areas, and the mock tests give you a sense of the real exam.

  11. How is NEET Crash Course by TG Campus® different from others?
  12. With over 400+ lecture hours, 4 unit-wise tests in PCB, 2 full-length mock tests, and unlimited hours of self-practice tests, TG’s crash course scores above all. Students have access to recordings of all sessions, and post-exam counselling and guidance are available for students by our experienced faculty.

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