Online SAT Prep Course

SAT is an entrance test that is recognised internationally, which assesses students’ ability to apply their learnings during school days to college. TG Campus® has designed a complete SAT online course that aids them in learning and growing academically.

  • 80 hours of Live Lectures
  • 79 hours of Doubt Removals
  • 150+ hours of Test
  • 35+ hours Full Length Papers
  • 27+ hours Section Wise Practise

The Scholastic Assessment Test, or SAT, conducted by the College Board is a standardised test designed to assess the preparedness of students for a college education. It tests students’ knowledge and ability to apply their high-school education in college and whether they have acquired the necessary skills for life in college. The entrance test evaluates students for admission to undergraduate courses in international institutes. It measures students on Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) Maths.

TG Campus® has covered the SAT exam pattern in detail, and going through it will give students insight into the format, structure, and even the SAT marks distribution.

The SAT syllabus covers what students have studied during their schooling years. Hence, if students are attentive and meticulous in class during their school days, they will have no difficulty in studying, practising and clearing the SAT with good scores.

The English section tests the students on their reading, writing, and language skills and abilities, while Maths assesses application-based multistep questions, including high-level Maths such as Trigonometry and Geometry. From this year on, there is no non-obligatory part, i.e., the Essay.

Students enrol in online SAT prep courses while preparing for the exam, and TG Campus® has introduced SAT classes online that not only prep students for this entrance test, but also build their confidence.

Our expert and experienced faculty provide the best SAT coaching while guiding and even mentoring the students for the exam. With numerous hours of live lectures, section-wise practise, and tests, students’ learning is bolstered with our SAT coaching. Besides this, we offer full-length papers to be solved, and our tutors are always available to clear the students’ doubts during doubt-removal sessions.

TG Campus®’s SAT course can be taken from the comfort of your home, and this is another reason why it is the best sat online coaching you can get for SAT.

The course itself is comprehensive and covers the entire SAT exam syllabus in-depth, which further makes TG Campus® the foremost choice and the best SAT coaching in India.

The College Board has already declared the SAT dates for the upcoming exam. TG Campus® has detailed information about the same, which students can check out and stay updated.


Information and Ideas
Central Ideas and Details
Command of Evidence (Textual)
Command of Evidence (Quantitative)
Craft and Structure
Words in Context
Text Structure and Purpose
Cross-Text Connections
Expression of Ideas
Rhetorical Synthesis
Standard English Conventions
Form, Structure, and Sense


Solution of Linear Equations using Elimination Method
Solution of Linear Equations using Substitution Method
Word Problems based on Linear Equations
Methods of Solving Quadratic Equations
Nature of Roots of Quadratic Equations
Introduction to Relations and Functions
Composition of Functions
Advanced Maths
Linear Inequalities
Ratios and Proportions
Similarity of Triangles
Lines and Angles
Straight Lines
Introduction to Parabolas
Ellipses and Hyperbolas
Areas Related to Circles
Surface Areas and Volumes
Introduction to Conditional Probability
Laws of Probability
Binomial Distribution
Problem Solving and Data Analysis
Application of Percentages
Nonlinear functions and their Applications
Mean, Median and Mode
Lines of Regression
Trigonometric Functions
Heights and Distances
Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  1. How do I enrol for TG Campus®’s SAT course?
  2. You can enrol online via our website.

  3. What is the Advantage of TG Campus® SAT Online Course?
  4. You can take it from anywhere through Laptop/Desktop/Tab/Mobile.

  5. Will my doubts be cleared during the course?
  6. There are special doubt-removal sessions dedicated for this purpose, and you can get your doubts cleared in those.

  7. How can I revise the SAT Live Sessions?
  8. All the SAT online sessions/lectures are recorded. So, you can view any of the recorded sessions.

  9. Will I learn everything I need to know about SAT at TG Campus®?
  10. Our course is comprehensive and covers the entire syllabus in detail. Besides, you can refer to our website for all the updates on SAT.

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