Online Foundation Programs for 6th To 10th Grade Students

Foundation study helps you to build your knowledge for Competitive exams while you learn the fundamentals of your area of study. Now you can start enrolling right from 6th grade to 10th grade.

It is well known that holistic education of a child involves two important things i.e. Teaching and Learning. We at TG Campus® we look for the holistic development of the child and thereby focus on the academic development following the Blooms Taxonomy.

Blooms Taxonomy

Let us start with the TG pedagogy of Teaching:

We segregate our academic content into three different categories of Teaching and Learning i.e.


While the Pre - Foundation caters to Grades 5 to 7, the Foundation caters to Grades 8 to 10 while the JEE/NEET is for the Senior Section catering to Grades 11 and 12.

The Courses have been created by keeping in mind the Learning Aptitude of students and gradually enhancing their learning capabilities by using tools like Vedic Maths, Abacus and Adaptive Learning.

Taking it further, the courses for Foundation and pre-foundation encapsulate the learning process beyond the school levels and includes preparation for competitive Examinations like Homi Bhabha, NTSE, Olympiad, and also developing a sound foundation for excellence in School Examination along with easing into higher grade topics. The Foundation courses in a way are an intensive program to cover the entire syllabus for School, Olympiads and Foundation for both JEE and NEET in a very effective manner. It is designed especially for JEE and NEET aspirants that would give them an edge over the other students appearing for these examinations. The students after undergoing these courses are better placed to solve different problems of all difficulty levels.

With a bird's eye view of Teaching, now let's focus our attention to an equally important part of a child's academic development i.e. Learning.

The students are evaluated across all grades and for all subjects under these complexities with each complexity being further divided into Easy, Medium and Difficult as the Difficulty Levels. This helps the architecture of the Question Bank to function using an Adaptive Learning pedagogy. This makes it a completely personalized approach to learning.

For the same, the TG Question Bank encompasses questions across different curricula i.e. State Board Books, NCERT, Past Question Papers and Questions created by TG Experts.

The TG Question Bank has different methods of testing, namely, Instructor Defined Tests, Full-length Exam Specific Tests, Self-Tests. Each type of Test pulls out questions from a robust Question Bank having more than 70,000 Questions and counting. Each Question has many attributes, for instance, the Course for which the Question is being mapped with, the Difficulty and Complexity Level in line with the Course, the Chapter/Topic/Sub - Topic where the Question can be mapped with and so on. Apart from that the Question Bank can handle and generate Questions for 26 different types like Single MCQ, Multiple MCQ, Fill in The Blanks, Numeric Answer Type, Student-produced Response and so on. Different answer types are mapped with the different exam patterns in line with the guidelines for the exam pattern.

  • Pre - Foundation
    • No of Questions
    • ~20000
  • Foundation
    • No of Questions
    • ~40000

All courses come equipped with both Teaching and Learning pedagogies.

Pre - Foundation and Foundation Teaching and Learning Courses

The Objective of the Courses can be summarised as follows:

  1. The Pre Foundation and Foundation courses have been designed by keeping in view an excellent performance of the student taking the course in School and reputed competitive examinations like Science and Maths Olympiad, NTSE, Kishore Vigyanik Protshahan Yojna (KVPY), and other scholarship exams conducted by various Government and Non - Government organisations.
  2. This, in turn, helps the students with the preparation of Olympiads of Mathematics and Sciences.
  3. The Foundation Courses for 9th and 10th are also fully in line to cater to the NTSE examinations along with the Regional and International Olympiads.
  4. The Courses have been thoughtfully designed in such a way to help the students from the Pre-Foundation levels and then prepare the students for all Future Competitive Examinations by building their mindset more in line with a systematic and stress-free environment for a strong grasp of the fundamental concepts covered in the courses.
  5. The Courses broadly encompass the following skills but are not only limited to the following:
    1. Enhancement of the Mathematical Skills
    2. Enhancement of the Scientific Temperament
    3. Enhancement of the Emotional Quotient (EQ)
    4. Enhancement in the Competitive Quotient (CQ)
    5. Enhancement of the Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

To help the students with the Objectives of the Courses, the teachers make use of various Learning Tools, but are not limited to:

  1. Animated Live Videos
  2. Real Life Examples
  3. TG Study Materials (Reference Books, Study Planners and Mind maps)
    • The Study Materials have been created by experts of TG keeping in line the learning pedagogy of the students
    • The Teachers are also equipped with Teaching Collaterals which is in line with the Reference Books provided by TG to the students. They have been created by experts to take care of the coverage of the syllabus and uniformity across all TG teachers.
  4. Live Classes
    • All the Live classes are Live with both Teachers and Students interacting with each other in a Virtual Environment.
    • Every class gets recorded thereby helps the student in revising the topics whenever they wish to do so at any point during their enrolment with TG Campus.
  5. Recorded Videos
    • TG Teachers use the TG Technology of Whiteboard to showcase the learning using Animations and other tools to explain the concepts.
  6. One on One Doubt Removal Sessions -
    • These are done for all chapters and this ensures a regular and complete preparation of the topics in every respect
  7. Tests and Assessments
  8. Regular Mentoring of students by Counsellors
  9. Career Counselling Sessions by Experts
  10. Parent-Teacher Meetings

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