Online Foundation Programs for Class 8th

TG Campus® & Foundation 8th course is an intensive program to cover the entire syllabus for School, Olympiads & Foundation for both JEE and NEET in a very effective manner.

  • 300 Hours of Live Lectures and Doubt Removals
  • Pre-exam Webinar for the exam guidance
  • 40 Chapter Tests
  • 300+ Class Tests
  • Course Materials: 40 Mindmaps, 40 Study Notes, 300+ class notes, 80+ video lecture and explainer videos
  • Unlimited Hours of Self Practice Tests
  • 300+ Recordings of all Live Sessions
  • Monthly PTMs
  • Post-exam counselling & guidance

1 Year

Batch Size:

Lecture Duration:
45 Mins

Batch Start Date:
12th June, 2023

Batch End Date:
31st March, 2024

TG Campus® Foundation 8th is an intensive program that covers the entire syllabus for School, Olympiads and Foundation for both JEE and NEET. TG Campus® Foundation 8th course can boost up your preparations. It can help you to make the most of your time before the examination day. This foundation course for class 8 will help you learn the application of concepts and problem-solving. Designed especially for JEE and NEET aspirants, it gives you an edge over other students planning to take these tests. This course will enable you to solve different problems of all difficulty levels. In addition, you can clarify all your doubts on concepts during the live sessions. This will help you in brushing up all the key topics. You can assess your strong and weak areas through regular practice tests. Accordingly, you could strengthen all your weaker areas.

This IIT JEE & NEET foundation course for class 8 will cover all the important topics of Foundation Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology. All the chapters would have live classes followed by doubt removal sessions. This is where students can discuss and resolve their doubts.


Lessons Test(s) Live Session(s)
Kinematics 01 04
Force and Laws of Motion 01 04
Work, Power and Energy 01 04
Heat 01 03
Light 01 03
Waves and Sound 01 03
Some Natural Phenomenon 01 03
Stars and Solar System 01 03


Lessons Test(s) Live Session(s)
Atoms and Molecules 01 05
Coal and Petroleum 01 06
Combustion and Flame 01 05
Metals and Non-Metals 01 05
Structure of the Atom 01 03
Synthetic Fibres and Plastics 01 05
Chemical Effects of Current 01 03
Pollution of Air and Water 01 01


Lessons Test(s) Live Session(s)
Crop Production and Management 01 03
Micro-Organisms 01 03
Conservation of Plants and Animals 01 04
Cell Structure and Functions 01 03
Reproduction in Animals 01 02
Reaching the age of Adolescence 01 04


Lessons Test(s) Live Session(s)
Rational Numbers 01 03
Exponents and Powers 01 03
Squares and Square Roots 01 03
Cubes and Cube Roots 01 02
Linear Equation in One Variable 01 02
Mensuration 01 03
Algebraic Expressions and Identities 01 03
Comparing Quantities 01 02
Playing with Numbers 01 01
Statistics 01 03
Factorization 01 01
Factors and Multiples 01 02
Surds 01 01
Speed, Time and Distance 01 02
Practical Geometry 01 01
Ratio and Proportion 01 02
  1. What is the Advantage of TG Campus® Online Course?
  2. You can take it from anywhere through Laptop/Desktop/Tab/Mobile.

  3. How can I revise the Live Sessions?
  4. All the online sessions/lectures are recorded. So, you can view any of the recorded sessions.

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