JEE/NEET Foundation 10th Class Mock Test Series

Get an insight on how much of work needs to be done before the examination date. Take the TG Campus™ Foundation 10th mock tests to plan your way forward.

Foundation 10th

Real Numbers Start Free Diagnostic Test
Polynomials Start Test
Pair of Linear Equations in two Variables Start Test
Quadratic Equations Start Test
Sequence and Series Start Test
Optics Start Test
Electrostatics Start Test
Current Electricity Start Test
Magnetic Effect of Current Start Test
Sources of Energy Start Test
Chemical Reactions and Equations Start Test
Acids, Bases and Salts Start Test
Metals & Non-Metals Start Test
Carbon and Its Compounds Start Test
Periodic Classification of Elements Start Test
Life Processes Start Test
Control and Coordination Start Test
How do Organisms Reproduce Start Test
Heredity and Evolution Start Test
Our Environment Start Test

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