JEE/NEET Foundation 8th Class Mock Test Series

JEE-NEET Foundation 8th class Mock test work as a reflector of an actual test that helps you to know the current scenario of your preparation.


Kinematics 01
Force and Laws of Motion 01
Work, Power and Energy 01
Heat 01
Light 01
Waves and Sound 01
Some Natural Phenomenon 01
Stars and Solar System 01


Atoms and Molecules 01
Coal and Petroleum 01
Combustion and Flame 01
Metals and Non-Metals 01
Structure of the Atom 01
Synthetic Fibres and Plastics 01
Chemical Effects of Current 01
Pollution of Air and Water 01


Crop Production and Management 01
Micro-Organisms 01
Conservation of Plants and Animals 01
Cell Structure and Functions 01
Reproduction in Animals 01
Reaching the age of Adolescence 01


Rational Numbers 01
Exponents and Powers 01
Squares and Square Roots 01
Cubes and Cube Roots 01
Linear Equation in One Variable 01
Mensuration 01
Algebraic Expressions and Identities 01
Comparing Quantities 01
Playing with Numbers 01
Statistics 01
Factorization 01
Factors and Multiples 01
Surds 01
Speed, Time and Distance 01
Practical Geometry 01
Ratio and Proportion 01

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