Online Pre-Foundation Programs for 6th Class

Start the Competitive exams preparation along with 6th class exams. TG Campus® offers a pre-foundation course for class 6 which covers the entire syllabus of school and foundation for both JEE & NEET.

  • 99 Lecture Hours
  • Recordings of all Live Sessions
  • Doubt Removals
  • Parent-teacher meetings
  • Class Tests
  • Counselling Guidance
  • Chapter Tests

1 Year

Batch Size:

TG Campus® Pre - Foundation 6th course is an intensive program that covers the entire syllabus for School, and Foundation taking both JEE and NEET into perspective.

The Objective of the TG Campus® Pre - Foundation 6th course can be summarised as follows:

  1. The foremost objective of the course is to excel in the school examinations and therefore the Pre - Foundation courses, which start from the basics, cover the school curricula and take the students sail through the application of questions.
  2. The next objective is to help in building up the concepts of the students with a strong application background for the Foundation courses and also helping them in International Examinations like Olympiads, KVPY, NTSE in higher classes and also for the scholarship examinations conducted by various Government and Non - Government organisations.
  3. The Courses have been thoughtfully designed in such a way to prepare the students for all Future Competitive Examinations by building their mindset more in line with a systematic and stress-free environment for a strong grasp of the fundamental concepts covered in the courses.
  4. The Courses broadly encompass the following skills but are not only limited to the following:
    1. Development of the Mathematical Skills
    2. Development of the Scientific Environment
    3. Development of the Reasoning Skills
    4. Development of the Emotional Quotient (EQ)
    5. Development in the Competitive Quotient (CQ)
    6. Development and Enhancement of the Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
  5. Overall, these courses in a way enhance the presentation and personality skills at a very early age which results in a successful career of the students.

To help the students with the Objectives of the Courses, the teachers make use of various Learning Tools, but are not limited to:

  1. Animated Live Videos
  2. Real Life Examples
  3. TG Study Materials (Reference Books)
  4. Live Classes
  5. Tests and Assessments


LessonsLive Session(s)
Motion and Measurement of Distances3
Light, Shadows and Reflections5
Electricity and Circuits6
Fun with Magnets6


LessonsLive Session(s)
Sorting material into groups2
Separation of Substances3
Changes Around Us2
Air Around Us2


LessonsLive Session(s)
Food and Nutrition4
Getting To Know Plants4
Body Movements4
The Living Organisms — Characteristics And Habitats4
Garbage In, Garbage Out5


LessonsLive Session(s)
Knowing Our Numbers3
Whole Numbers5
Playing with Numbers5
Basic Geometrical Ideas4
Understanding Elementary Shapes5
Data Handling1
Ratio and Proportion4
Practical Geometry2
  1. What is the Advantage of TG Campus® Online Course?
  2. You can take it from anywhere through Laptop/Desktop/Tab/Mobile.

  3. How can I revise the Live Sessions?
  4. All the online sessions/lectures are recorded. So, you can view any of the recorded sessions.

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