Online Learning Platform For Students

TG Campus® has a very simple & easy to use interface where students can easily enrol to online learning classes/lectures at their convenience. We offer 24x7 support where one can contact anytime for help. We bring a complete customized end-to-end solution catering to Education Anytime Anywhere for students.

Saves time & commute
Saves Time & Commute

Students now have an easy access to education with our Live online learning classes, as they don't have to travel outside anywhere, anymore. They can also maintain flexible schedules and decide their own courses.

Cloud platform for education
STATE-OF-THE-ART Cloud platform

TG Campus® utilizes a cloud-based platform that provides live sessions that are fast and lag-free. Students can get a quality education with our online learning platform with features like a whiteboard, that comes with different types of teaching aids, test preps that they can attempt at their own pace.

Live sessions recordings
Recording & reviewing

All the online sessions/lectures are recorded. Students can view any of the recorded sessions at a later stage in case if they have missed the session or for revision and or reference. This allows students to recap on what might have missed out during their online sessions.

Flexible exam
Flexible Exam

Students now get ample amount of time to study and also can take self-paced tests. They can also take a number of pre-assigned tests for practice and prepare themselves well for their final tests.

TG Campus® empowers students to choose their own subjects and allows them to study at a pace they are comfortable with. We recognize that every single student is different and hence our platform is highly individualized; allowing them to avoid the pressures of rigid curriculums and demanding syllabuses. Don’t study hard, study smart with the help of our platform.

Live Session with digital Whiteboard

Tomorrow's Genius whiteboard is designed to meet all your tutoring needs with a state-of-the-art cloud-based platform that takes care of your classroom sessions (online) as well as sharing of content.

Genius Board

Why register with us?

We provide an online learning platform, where you can learn with the help of highly qualified and professional teachers through live interactive sessions, tests, assignments, progress reports and recordings for reference and review.

Virtual Online Classrooms

Enroll Courses

Students can learn by simply enrolling in the course created by the institute. The course structure, content, tests, assessment and subject details are easily available at the press of one click.

Personalized Teaching Tools

Live Session with digital Whiteboard

Live sessions/lectures help students get personal coaching from the teacher. They can have their doubts solved as the sessions are interactive with audio and video features.


Practice tests

Practice tests are a great way to prep for the D-day. TG Campus® with its practice tests gives the students the much-needed practice before their final exams.

Reduce Physical Maintenance Cost


TG Campus® has the facility to record the live sessions, which helps the student to view the session in the future for reference or review.

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