About Arun Goswami

Aeronautics - Aeronautical Society of India

Arun Kumar Goswami is a champion in Mathematics. He is a Graduate in Aeronautics from the Aeronautical Society of India. He also completed his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering after achieving the All India Rank (AIR) of 300 in Gate.

He took to teaching after passing out from his master’s course and took to teaching as if he was meant to be the teacher. Arun prefers to call himself a Mentor as apart from teaching, he helps the students in their holistic development.

For the past 8 years of his teaching career, he has taught students for JEE Main and Advance and has been successful in shaping the career of more than 500 students who cleared the Entrance tests of various prestigious examinations like JEE, SAT 2 and so on.

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