About Dr. Sumit Majumdar

Ph.D. Physics, Ph.D. Econophysics - IIT Delhi, Stuttgart Germany

A Physics Wizard of high caliber and the Head of Academics at TG Campus®, he is highly regarded in both online and offline formats of IIT JEE coaching. Armed with a Ph.D. in Physics and one in Econophysics, with a teaching experience spanning more than 15 years at renowned coaching institutes like Narayana, Pie and Lakshya etc., this veteran has made a mark in both domestic & international platforms.

Over the course of years, he has also developed a mastery in JEE Chemistry and JEE Mathematics. This has made him a versatile teacher with an equally good command over all the three subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Since 2003, he has to his credit many astounding achievements such as 150+ selections in IIT JEE, 20+ selections in top 10 in IIT JEE, and over 200 selections in REC/NITs. Since 2003, 15 out of 70 students taught by him have scored 10 CGPA in AP Calculus, and over 100 students have secured admission to prestigious universities like Caltech & Stanford on the basis of their subject GRE score. He is here to impart the best of his knowledge thus enabling aspirants to crack the magical number of 2400 in SAT.

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