SAT II Subjective 2019 Exam Pattern

SAT II Subjective plays a pivotal role while the colleges gauge the applications. Thus, is it important to understand how the tests are designed. Here are the insights into how the SAT II Subjective tests are set.

SAT Subject Test Exam Pattern

The SAT Exam tests skills that the student learns in high school-would help the student in college and in further studies.

The SAT II Subject Tests are created and administered by the College Board and the Educational testing provider (ETS), the two firms responsible for producing and conducting the SAT I. The SAT II Subject Tests were created to behave as complements to the SAT I. While SAT I tests the critical thinking skills by asking math and verbal questions, the SAT II discipline exams compare your skills of a certain discipline, comparable to Writing, U.S. Historical past, Physics, or Biology.

Firstly, SAT stood for Scholastic Aptitude scan. When the test transformed a few years ago, the reputable name was once converted to Scholastic evaluation test. In 1997, the testmakers announced that SAT no longer stands for whatever, officially.

It's administered seven times in a year-generally in October, November, December, January, March, May and June-on Saturday mornings. The dates for taking the examination are already fixed & as a consequence, it requires a consideration education schedule. SAT ratings are rather massive for securing admission at an undergraduate stage. The SAT is a PBT (Paper centered scan).


The SAT II is a combination of greater than 20 one of a kind checks focusing on particular disciplines similar to Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, historical past and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Foreign Languages. Please discuss with US colleges website with regards to the precise requirement when you consider that schools sometimes ask particular subjects to be taken for say Engineering. Many US colleges demand that you are taking precise tests, in most cases the Writing experiment and/or one of the Math checks. Some colleges provide the students with some alternative in the topic, mainly if they need you to take a complete of three subject exams. So, before you register to take any checks, investigate with colleges to discover exactly which checks they require. You will take 3 subject tests on any given test day. Furthermore, there's certainly no have to take SAT 1 for taking SAT II subject checks. They are impartial of every different. Most US schools, nonetheless, recollect SAT 1 score first and then SAT II scores as a validation of educational achievements. Similar to the SAT 1 test, SAT II discipline tests can also be taken any number of occasions- taking the test twice to reinforce the scores is most common. Taking the SAT checks greater than 2 occasions is seemed-down upon by using many schools, and as a consequence, just isn't urged.

It takes about 3 weeks to get SAT 2 results. The use of calculators is allowed for Maths scan (no longer physics or chemistry). Take a calculator that you're used to making use of. It can be a scientific or a graphing calculator. TI-eighty four Plus is a graphing calculator made by way of Texas instruments which is in most cases utilized by SAT candidates.

Every discipline scan lasts one hour and consists totally of multiple-choice questions, besides for the Writing experiment (by and large for languages), which has a 20-minute essay part additionally to a forty-minute multiple-choice part. Due to the fact that the examination period is only one hour, the number of questions differs established on the field problem and calculations requirement. For instance, Maths have about 50 more than one alternative questions, physics has about seventy-five and Chemistry 85. The exam has negative marking scheme ( 0.25 mark deducted for questions having 5 selections, 0.33 deducted for 4 option questions). To have a notion about, SAT II field scan syllabus and weightage of subject matters, please comply with beneath doc

The College Board conducts SAT Subjective tests in multiple disciplines namely:

  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • History
  • Languages

Science Subject tests

The Science subject tests can be further divided into three tests, namely:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
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